When I sign up it says you have access to my friends list, what do you do with it?

All we do with it is keep track of how many friends you have, we want to be able to tell businesses the potential reach their campaign may have. We will not send any notifications to your friends. Some businesses may offer an incentive for you to share a campaign with your friends.

What happens if the 7th or 21st (Payout Dates) are on a weekend?

They will be processed the following weekday.

Why do you ask to to post on my behalf?

We do not directly post on your behalf. The only time we do so is when you click and accept a share opportunity.

What exactly is LikeNET?

LikeNET is a marketing initiative. It's about connecting businesses with consumers through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc). We offer a platform for businesses to create an incentive for providing a service.

What are points worth?

1 point is the equivalent to $0.01

Why is there a 5000 points minimum cash out policy on LikeNET?

Primarily because of volume. We have thousands of people on LikeNET and it's growing rapidly, therefore it's most cost effective and manageable way. 

How do I refer people?

When you sign up with LikeNET, you are given a referral link (URL) located under my account. To refer people, you must share that URL; anyone who clicks it and signs up is counted as your referral. As an added incentive, we're currently offering a 250 point bonus for people who sign up through a referral URL!

Why does the referral program on LikeNET change so often?

We change the referral program based on our needs, so that we can keep surveys relevant or meet the needs of a client. Check under my account for the latest referral info.

Why do I not see any opportunities?

We may have temporarily run out! Each opportunity is a limited time offer. We are always working to add new opportunities, so check back often!

I can't get any more referrals but I want opportunities. What can I do?

We are working on introducing new opportunities that will give credits towards referrals for the people who have run out of friends to refer. If you can generate one positive lead towards a business contract (SoftCorp or LikeNET services) then we will count that 1 lead as 5 referrals. You also have the ability to buy a referral for 250 points.

Why do I have to give so many permissions for LikeNET to access my Facebook account?

We need to see what you like, post stuff on your behalf and make you follow people through our software - this makes sure you did it so we can pay you. We will never use our application permissions to act on your behalf without you pressing a button to allow it.

If I don't want a check mailed, and I'm too far away to pick one up, what other options are there?

We can electronically transfer you the money using PayPal. We recommend learning and understanding PayPal's payment terms. Under 'My Account' you can request a cash out. If you send a request and your balance is less than 5000 points, we will deduct 200 points from your balance, and your balance will not be sent until it reaches the threshold of 5000 points. Cash outs are processed on the 7th and 21st of every month.

How much does it cost to advertise on LikeNET?

Visit the business portal to sign up for an account that will let you setup your own LikeNET campaign.

Why has my points balance been cleared to zero?

Your balance is most likely to have been reset to zero because you have submitted a cash out request. Payments are processed on the 7th and the 21st of every month.

Do I get points for my referrals actions?

You may be rewarded points for a referral signing up and verifying their account. Check back frequently because the referral program changes and the terms change with it. 

I just got my friend to sign up through my referral URL but it's not showing up on my account. 

Most likely because they have not verified their account or they are not meeting the referral requirements. The easiest way to tell if someone has verified their account is to have them start using it! If a referral is not showing up and you are sure they are an active member please contact support, we are more than happy to help!

What are the referral requirements?

Referrals must have at least 10 Facebook friends, Sign in on more than one date and complete at least one opportunity. If they do not meet these requirements they will be deactivated as members because we need to show our customers accurate data! [Read4Info] Don't worry if your account is deactivated it is as simple as signing back in to recover your account. If your account has been in a deactivated state for over 90 days your balance will be lost.

I didn't receive a verification email. 

We don't send verification emails because Facebook verifies the email address you provide when you sign up for your Facebook account. LikeNET connects with your Facebook account and uses that same email address, so it must be valid. If it isn't, or if you give us a different email address, then notify us and we will send you a verification email. If you have more than one email address listed on your Facebook account, check to make sure the right one is set as the Primary address (done from the Account Settings menu, under General Account Settings). 

I lost points playing the Instant Win games. Can I get these points back? 

Unfortunately not. Our Instant Win games operate the same way as scratch and win tickets; the outcome is final. 

I couldn’t find the bonus code in the email newsletter. Where is it?

It is randomly inserted somewhere into the text of the email. The idea is to reward subscribers who read through the newsletter and search for the code. It is there, we promise!  Try again!

I found the bonus code on the email, but when I submitted it I was not rewarded any points! 

Bonus codes have a limited budget! Only the quickest on the draw to submit the code will get the bonus. Therefore, if you weren't rewarded, the budget ran out before you submitted the code. If you're not sure whether or not you were credited points, click on your point balance at the top of the page. 

I don't want to receive email from LikeNET. How do I unsubscribe from newsletters?

If you would no longer like to receive the newsletter and/or email from LikeNET and affiliates, please unsubscribe using the “Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™” link at the bottom of the email.  However, remember that by receiving the newsletter you are being told FIRST about all the new opportunities, so we hope you’ll reconsider!

I don’t want to be a LikeNET member anymore. How do I delete or deactivate my account?

We are truly sorry you feel this way. At the bottom of the page, once you connect with Facebook, there is a small button that says 'delete my account.' Click the button and your account will be deactivated. Please get in touch with us and let us know the reason you're leaving so we can enhance the system and make it more user friendly.

If you ever change your mind, and want to reactivate your account, you can! Just send a support ticket to the LikeNET staff on the Support website.